anaplastic amelioration

christopher william holt bio photo By christopher william holt

It has been just over one month since my discharge from the hospital from my craniotomy.

Each day I wake up I have this sense of trying to find something that I can fix about myself .. my own internal to do list. I’ve changed a lot about my diet, while it could still be much better (and likely smaller portions), As for my diet, I have been eating a lot of salmon and chicken and vegetables, and not much else. I started running – let me say this is not something I wanted to write here because it’s so early, but it feels good and I expect to continue as much as possible. On my second run and I was able to keep a consistent, albeit slow, pace for just over a mile. I’m going to turtle the shit out of running. Slow and steady.

On November 9th I’ll be doing the Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K – which I will attempt to run (slowly). Please join me as a walker/runner or donate to the cause! There are much more serious brain tumors out there than mine, and it’s a world I’ve only recently been brought into.

My radiation and oral chemotherapy has been scheduled. On October 31st I will start the first of 30 radiation sessions (monday-friday, with two days off for thanksgiving/good behavior). My last session will be December 13th. Once that is complete new MRIs will be taken, I’ll have an appointment with Henry down at Duke to go over how everything is going, and likely finish off the oral chemotherapy with 5 days a month for 6 to 12 months.

Side effects!

I’ll probably lose hair in the radiated areas, and although the chemotherapy is supposed to be very low side effects, the way the medicine works is to kill rapidly dividing cells – which includes the cells that grow hair! We’ll see how that goes, it will grow back.

My hope is that by the time the short radiation session is over I’ll have enough time to be able to casually walk from the hospital to my office and enjoy my entire day.


Per Gaynor, my integrative oncologist, I have been making these amazing antioxidant shakes each morning, black raspberry powder, red fruits powder (PaleoReds), green powder (Phyto Formula), olive leaf complex, fruit anthocyanin (omg this is so good, like concentrated wine). Mixed with a base of almond milk, a cut up banana and two kiwis, and blend altogether.

stuff in the shake

shake shake

I have been feeling great, and been back at work quite strong. Today we even managed to make another hire of a close friend of mine who will be starting in a couple weeks.

Here’s a scar picture for the hell of it! Hair still growing back stronger than ever. scar

This weekend I’m installing Fabspeed RSR headers and exhaust on my 993 – maybe look out for a non-cancer related blog post about that, it should be interesting.


That’s all for now, more once radiation and chemo starts! Thanks for reading :)